Assistant and PhD Positions

I will have soon open positions for pre-doc scientists. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in a lively and international environment, and you have the ambition to contribute to science, you are quite welcome to contact me.

We address interdisciplinary research questions in several application domains: 6G networks, smart grids, IoT, electro mobility, and aerial robotics.
For this specific PhD position, research will be in one of the four following domains:
A) Machine learning for information theory and communications
  • Channel learning and modeling
  • Neural information estimation and applications
  • Coding, decoding and autolearning
  • Reinforcement learning for resource allocation
  • Neural radio localization

B)  Sensing and communications

  • Technology aspects of communications and sensing
  • Opportunistic sensing and electromagnetic aspects
  • Waveforms for sensing
  • Machine learning for sensing
  • Prototyping, measurements and applications

C)  Intelligent reflecting surfaces

  • Technology modeling and design
  • Metamaterials and controllable electronics
  • System level modeling and control
  • EM information theory and performance analysis
  • Prototyping, measurements and applications

D) Drones for communications and communications for drones

  • Drone-to-drone and drone-to-ground channel modeling
  • Control and navigation in multi drones assisted networks
  • Media access mechanisms and resource allocation
  • Drone assisted radio localization

The successful candidate shall have:

  • A master degree in electrical or computer engineering with high marks.
  • Solid background in mathematics for engineering, statistical signal processing and communication theory.
  • Proved background, depending on the specific research area above, in at least machine learning, or EM fields theory and RF electronics,  or control theory.
  • High analytic skills.
  • High communication and writing skills in English.

The position remains open until not filled.

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