Measurement and Characterization of the PLC Channel

Channel measurements are improtant to characterize the PLC channel. We have developed both measurement methodologies and statistical analysis tools.

New results about the characterization of the in’home PLC channel can be found in [R0].

[R0] A. M. Tonello, F. Versolato, A. Pittolo, “In-home PLC Channel: Statistical Characterization,” subm. to IEEE Trans. on Comm., 2013.

A Matlab code (Release 1.0) to analyse data according to [R0] can be downloaded at the link below. The script computes the channel impulse response (CIR), the average channel gain (ACG), the RMS delay spread, and the deterministic coherence bandwidth at level 0.9 of the channel frequency response H defined at frequencies f. For further details, see [R0].

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