Can we Derive the Topology of a Smart Grid ?

“Can we derive the topology of a wireline grid and more in particular of a smart grid ? This is the question that I asked to myself”, prof. Tonello says.

Why is the topology knowledge of importance ? Well, in the context of Power Line Communications (PLC) networks, it is helpful to implement data routing strategies, while in power distribution networks and Smart Micro Grids (SMG) it is required for grid monitoring and for power flow management.

“We have recently exploited transmission line theory to shed new light and to show how the topological properties of a wired network can be found exploiting admittance measurements at the nodes. We have found an analytic proof to show that the derivation of the topology can be done in complex networks (as power distribution grids) under certain assumptions. A practical algorithm has been derived to handle the presence of network background noise on admittance measurements”.

Selected Publications

F. Passerini, A.M. Tonello, “On the Exploitation of Admittance Measurements for Wired Network Topology Derivation,” IEEE Trans. on Instrumentation and Measurements, 2017.

F. Passerini, A.M. Tonello, “Power Line Network Topology Identification Using Admittance Measurements and Total Least Squares Estimation,” Proc. of IEEE ICC 2017, Paris, France, May 22-25, 2017.

F. Passerini, A.M. Tonello, “Novel Grid Topology Estimation Technique Exploiting PLC Modems,” Proc. of WSPLC 2016, Paris, France, October 9-10, 2016.

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