Improved EMC with Cyclic Filter Bank Modulation in PLC

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) aspects in the context of Power Line Communication (PLC) systems are of great importance. In the paper “EMC Regulations and Spectral Constraints for Multicarrier Modulation in PLC” by M. Girotto and A. Tonello, a complete overview of both narrow band PLC and broad band PLC EMC norms is offered. How to interpret and translate such norms and measurement procedures into typical constraints used by designers of communication systems, is discussed. In particular, the constraints to the modulated signal spectrum are considered and the ability of pulse shaped OFDM (PS-OFDM), used in most of the PLC standards as IEEE P1901 and P1901.2, to fulfill them is analyzed.

“An interesting question is whether we can improve the spectrum management ability and better fulfill the norms” prof. Tonello says. In this respect, “we have introduced a novel scheme named Pulse Shaped Cyclic Block Filtered Multitone modulation (PS-CB-FMT) and compared it to PS-OFDM”, prof. Tonello adds. It is shown that, PS-CB-FMT offers better ability to fulfill the norms which translates in higher system capacity in both narrow band and broad band PLC.

Selected Publications

M. Girotto, A.M. Tonello, “EMC Regulations and Spectral Constraints for Multicarrier Modulation in PLC,” IEEE ACCESS 2017.


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