Embedded Communication Systems Group

The Embedded Communication Systems (EcoSys) group performs research in electronics and telecommunications to develop solutions in several application domains: cyber physical systems, internet of things, smart mobility, smart grids, smart factories. Advanced data connectivity solutions are currently investigated based on radio and power line communications.


Prof. Dr. Ing. Andrea M. Tonello

Ms. Natalija Dujmovic

Research Assistants
Frank Ebong Ebong
Vitali Korzhun
Alexandro Letizia
Dr. Juan Augusto Maya, post-doc

Project Assistants
Ms. Surabhi Cheetri

PhD students

Arash Ebrahimi
Jannik Gade (with Infineon)
Francesco Marcuzzi
Nicola Novello
Patrick Valet (with MaxLinear)

Master thesis students – grad students

Khaled Elagha
Thomas Haspl
Hazem Mohamed Abass Ibrahim
Abdalla Shahin
Franz Stebe
Federica Caggegi (co-supervision)
Carla Dalla Porta (co-supervision)

Visiting scientists
Prof. Johannes Huber (Univ. Erlangen), Prof. John Thompson (Univ. Edinburgh), Prof. Stephan Weiss (Univ. Strathclyde), Prof. Jean-Francois Helard (INSA Rennes), Dr. Xavier Mestre (CTTC), Dr. Aleksabdar Minja (Univ. of Novi Sad), Dr. Milica Petkovic (Univ. of Novi Sad)

Former PhD students
Federico Passerini (now with Infineon),  Venkata Bhuvana Pathuri (now with SAL), Davide Righini (now with PiktID), Babak Salamat (now with Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt), Sarmad Shaikh, PhD (now with KIET University)

Former researchers
Andrew Ramsey,  Alireza Ghiasimonfared (now with Rotax),

Former master thesis students
Sergej Bauer, Msc (now with KAI), Patrick Valet, Msc (now with Intel), Maria Raimo (co-supervision), Greta Vignotto (co-supervision), Andrea Apicella (co-supervision), Francesco Carrabino (co-supervision)

Visiting students

Petr Musil (Brno University of Technology, 2022), Leonid Kladovščikov (Vilnius Tech.University, 2019), Tijana Devaja (University of Novi Sad, 2019), Mattia Perini (University of Padova, 2019), Adrià Sáez Mediavilla (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, 2018), Sadaf Moaveninejad (Politecnico di Milano, 2018), Cristiano Pezzuto (University of Udine, 2018-2019), Leen Anabtawi (An-Najah Nat. University, 2017), Cristiano Pezzuto (University of Udine, 2017), Deep Shrestha (CTTC Barcelona, 2016), Octave Auscher (INSA Rennes, 2016), Davide Righini (University of Udine, 2016), Francesco Marcuzzi (University of Udine, 2016), Khaled Rabie (University of Manchester, 2015), Wafae Bakkali (Orange Labs, 2015)


The group manages several labs.

PLC LabPower Line Communication Lab
The PLC lab is used to test and prototype power line communication technology in different application domains: smart metering, smart grids, home/industrial networking, in-vehicle PLC buses. The lab is equipped with field measurement equipment, EMC/EMI test equipment, emulation and simulation platforms, narrow band and broad band PLC modems.

EcoSys Lab Radio Lab
The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art measurement equipment up to 6 GHz (DSOs, network analyzer, vector signal generators) and tools for electronic system design including antenna design. It includes software defined radios (USRPs) for fast prototyping of MIMO systems and of radio localization systems.

IoT Lab - Tonello IoT Living Lab
The lab consists of an IoT platform that integrates heterogeneous communication technologies (NB wireless, WiFi, NB PLC, BB PLC) and a number of sensors. It is meant to provide a living infrastructure for training and research on dense hybrid IoT networks and IoT applications including smart buildings and energy management.


Collaborations are going on with several universities: UBC,  CTTC, Telecom Bretagne, INSA Rennes, University of Udine, Strathclyde University, University of Manchester, Tsinghua University, University of Aberdeen.
Collaboration with industry offers opportunities for training and thesis development.

Former students at Univ. Udine – WiPli Lab

Former PhDs at WiPli Lab
Alessandro Pin (2017-19), Andrea Papaiz (2014-16) – Alberto Pittolo (2013-15) – Mauro Girotto (2012-14) – Marco De Piante (2011-13) – Luca Di Bert (2011-13) – Abdallah Hamini (2010-12) – Massimo Antoniali (2010-12) – Fabio Versolatto (2010-12) – Daniele Inserra (2010-12)  – Salvatore D’Alessandro (2009-11) – Nicola Moret (2009-11) – Francesco Pecile (2006-09)

Former Researchers at WiPli Lab
Nikoleta Andreadou (2011-12) – Elion Paron (2010-11) – Andrea Omenetto (2009-10) – Benjamin Béjar (2009) – Marco Bellin (2007-08) – Tao Zheng (2008) – Michele Nocente (2007) – Lorenzo Bertolissi (2006) – José Cortes Arrabal (2006)

Former MS Students
Luca Scarel (2004) – Marco Bellin (2004) – Fabio Rossi (2004) – Gianni Grespan (2005) – Francesco Pecile (2005) – Salvatore d’Alessandro (2008) – Luca Durante (2008) – Andrea Omenetto (2008) – Nicola Moret (2008) – Nicola Capula (2009) – Massimo Antoniali (2009) – Daniele Inserra (2009) – Fabio Versolatto (2009) – Luca di Bert (2010) – Mauro Girotto (2011) – Federico Iannacone (2011) – Silvio Martella (2012) – Alberto Pittolo (2012) – Gabriele Brajnik (2012) – Andrea Papaiz (2013) – Andrea Cernoia (2015) – Marco Novello (2016) – Francesco Marcuzzi (2016) – Davide Righini (2016)

Former BS Students
Nicola Tonello (2003) – Francesco Miconi (2003) – Gabriele Sclauzero (2003) – Michele Nocente (2004) – Alessandro Michelutti (2004) – Marco Michelesio (2004) – Cristian Noacco (2004) – Paolo dal Ben (2004) – Francesco Usardi (2004) – Davide Baccarin (2005) – Matteo Iellina (2005) – Luca Stangherlin (2005) – Paolo Marcon (2005) – Brun Giorgio (2005) – Gabriele Revelant (2005) – Silvia delli Zotti (2007) – Daniel Paviotti (2009) – Gabriele Nobile (2010) – Riccardo Augusto Bellina (2012) – Cristian Picco (2013) – Simone Pielich (2015) – Simone Clocchiatti (2015) – Michele Menon (2016) – Alessandro Pasin (2021) – Erica Baccichetti (2021)