Top-down PLC Channel Modeling and Generator


Top-down channel modeling refers to an approach where the channel impulse/frequency response is obtained with a parametric model with parameters obtained by fitting real data from measurements. Instead of using a deterministic top-down model, we are working on a statistical model. The statistical top-down model allows generating channels with statistics identical to those exhibited by real channels. In particular, the model is simple, flexible, and it uses a small set of parameters. The parameters can be adjusted to generate channel according to a certain statistical class. For instance, we can classify channels according to their average path-loss, gain, delay spread, and capacity.

The idea of statistical top-down modeling was originally presented in:

[R1] A.M. Tonello, “Wideband Impulse Modulation and Receiver Algorithms for Multiuser Power Line Communications,” EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, vol. 2007, pp.1-14. EURASIP best journal paper award

Other details and improved versions can be found in:

[R2] Deliverable 3.2 of the FP7 Omega Project. (Page 52).
[R3] Brief tutorial on the statistical top-down PLC channel generator, December 2010.
[R4] A. M. Tonello, F. Versolato, B. Bejar, S. Zazo, “A Fitting Algorithm for Random Modeling the PLC Channel,” IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, Vol. 27, n. 3, pp. 1477-1484, July 2012. 

A Matlab code (Release 1.0) and updates (Release 2.0, according to [R3] and Release 3.0, according to [R4]) can be downloaded at the links below.

Copyright: A. M. Tonello. Notice: This software is freely usable for non commercial activities provided that [R1] and [R4] are cited and this web link is reported. Any use has to comply with the copyright terms. Any modification and/or commercial use has to be authorized by the copyright owner.

Applications: The top-down simulator can be used for testing signal processing algorithms. An example is OFDM performance. See for instance:

[R5] A. M. Tonello, S. D’Alessandro, L. Lampe, “Cyclic Prefix Design and Allocation in Bit-Loaded OFDM over Power Line Communication Channels,” IEEE Trans. on Communications, November 2010.

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