Open Positions and Opportunities at the EcoSys Lab

I am looking for excellent and motivated candidates for the following positions. If you are interested, please send me your application and CV specifying the position you are applying for.

PhD position

Three years position funded by a major utility. The topic is about modeling of LV distribution grids and developing a simulation platform for analysis of power line communication technology in complex networks.

The candidate must have a master degree in electrical engineering or affine field. Desirable background comprises communication systems, statistics, electrical circuits, transmission lines theory, simulation tools, e.g., Matlab.

Master thesis in industry

Some positions at local microelectronics industry are available. The positions are meant to complete a master thesis in industry and they have a duration of 9-12 months.

  1. Statistical analysis of analog circuits in CMOS Technologies.
  2. Analysis of the impact of analog impairments to the performance of gigabit Ethernet transceivers.
  3. Analysis, comparison and optimization of D/A and A/D converters.
  4. Develop test program and test hardware for communication SoCs Wifi, xDSL, Ethernet.
  5. Data mining in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

Internal projects

Internships, training periods, seminar projects are available for students looking for the completion of their bachelor or master program.

  1. Participation to the development of an IoT platform and demonstrator at the AAU campus that comprises radio and power line communication modules and a microcontroller unit. Development of an application based on data analytics and a user interface for data representation.
  2. Analysis of data acquired in a large telecommunication infrastructure deployed by an energy utility. Application of data analytics and machine learning tools to identify recurrent patterns and to predict the network status.
  3. Participation to measurement campaigns in the field for power line communication networks.


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