Main basic research areas

Wireless communication
  • Air interface design and analysis, cross layer design and optimization
  • Multicarrier and filter bank multiuser communications (FMT, OFDM, Cyclic-FMT)
  • Ultra-wide-band systems (UWB)
  • Massive MIMO and Space-time bit-interleaved coded modulation (ST-BICM)
Positioning and localization
  • Radio localization techniques and applications
  • Navigation of UAVs
Power line communications
  • In-vehicle, in-home and distribution grid
  • PHY/MAC protocols and resource allocation
  • Channel measurements and modeling
Statistical signal and data processing
  • Statistical signal processing and Bayesian estimation
  • Networked and autonomous systems
Circuits and systems
  • Electronics and system integration
  • RF and base band design

Main applied research areas

Smart car
  • Vehicular communications V2V and V2I and car navigation
  • Smart car and mobility models
  • Electronics for the electrical car
  • Battery management systems
Smart grid
  • Communications and protocols for the smart grid and smart home
  • Smart metering
  • State estimation and fault monitoring
  • Storage-battery charge estimation
  • Demand response
Smart IoT
  • Energy management
  • Data analysis
  • Data representation